Entry #3

Long, Overdue, Post of Justice

2008-11-16 12:52:00 by shade999999

Alright. I'm going to clear some stuff about me up here. A few facts about me:

I'm a furry. Leave me be.
I'm also a high class fractal artist.
I play Stepmania.
I regular Furaffinity.
I'm very philosophical.

---------First order of business, my long absence.

Newgrounds has become fairly boring to me. I'm sorry to anyone who even cares, but you probably won't see me here to often. I've much other stuff to do, and I really only regular Furaffinity nowadays. (Hit me up if you're a fellow fur. http://www.furaffinity.com/user/kewlho trod)
Also, a lot of my long absence has been due to the case of my physically broken harddrive. I've gotten that replace and re-installed with a new Vista. Go me.

--------Fractal Making

I enjoy making Fractals. I'm a highly esteemed fractal artist, and enjoy doing what I do to an extreme amount. A few examples will be listed below, and you can see my entire gallery on http://www.furafinity.new/user/kewlhot rod
Yes, you'll have to go there if you wish to see. I don't have them listed anywhere else.

Here are some examples.


--------My furfaggotry

Yeah, I'm a humongous furfag. I'm deeply into the fandom, more-so than I really should be, probably. I'm an arctic wolf with thick, thick fur (3-4 inches year round) and unique markings. That's my fursona in a 'cute' sort of way as my avatar, lol.

Anyhow, that's really all there is to me as of now. Leave comments and whatnot if you wish to, heh. Hope to hear from someone. :)

Also, if I remember to, I'll start posting furry pics with any of my new posts if I make any. I'm starting off with a feral version of my fursona, though. :)

Long, Overdue, Post of Justice


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2008-11-16 14:32:45

Woah, nice fursonna.
(I should rely get around to putting mine up.... mabye make it in Spore...)

shade999999 responds:

Haha, thank you. I take pride in it myself. :)

You should, it would be quite neat to see it, hehe.

I've never been able to play Spore, sadly. D:


2008-12-22 23:29:38

Awsome wolf, I like wolves the best. Whats your favorite furry site? Mines fchan.

shade999999 responds:

Absolutely and definitely Furaffinity. :P


2008-12-23 20:23:42

wow nice work dude

shade999999 responds:

Haha, thank you very much. :)


2009-01-31 17:12:24

I like your fursona wolfy it reminds me of okami.^.^

shade999999 responds:

Hehe, it does look similar, doesn't it? >:3


2009-05-23 14:50:25

HEY dude im a furfag to! i also like totally random things its like we were ment to be friends we have to talk somtime on msn or that furfanity website (omg i hope thats what it was called) anyway we should totally talk to eachother sooon im gonna go join furfanity website right now.SEE YA


2009-06-12 20:41:33

Greetings again, stranger. How have you been?

shade999999 responds:

Even though this was left AGES ago... I've been fine. Haha. <3